Dcom 10006 Windows 7

DCOM Error: 10006 – Windows Events – Spiceworks – DCOM got error "%2147944122" from the computer instructor when attempting to activate the server: {8BC3F05E-D86B-11D0-A075-00C04FB68820} Jun 18, 2009

In "Extensible Markup Language," April 2000, I introduced the new XML-based Windows Script (WS … For example, if you wanted to search the System log for DCOM errors with an id of 10006 on a remote computer named dell610, you’d enter the …

Details: Product: Windows Operating System: Event ID: 10006: Source: DCOM: Version: 5.0: Component: System Event Log: Symbolic Name: EVENT_RPCSS_REMOTE_SIDE_ERROR

A COM+ application may stop working on Windows Server 2008 when the identity user logs off – DCOM got error "Unspecified error " from … keys in the profile of the identity user because of a new User Profile Service functionality of forcing the unload of the user profile on Windows 2008 when the user logs off. Note this new User Profile Service …

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